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We are Houston's thermal inspection service company, specializing in providing infrared inspection and thermography services throughout the greater Houston and surrounding areas. Our ITC certified thermographers are prepared to assist you with your commercial, industrial or residential infrared inspection needs. Call us now to discuss your needs and get a free quote.

A little about infrared thermography:

Infrared energy is part of the electromagnetic spectrum along with x-rays, visible light and radio waves. It has a slightly longer wavelength than visible light but behaves similarly in many ways (e.g., it can be emitted, reflected, absorbed, etc.). One of the key differences is that we cannot see it without special detection equipment. 

Infrared in the electromagnetic spectrum
Retouched image source:  Spectre InfraRed narrow.svg by Tatoute and Isometrik

Another unique characteristic of infrared radiation is that it is emitted by all objects relative to their temperature. The hotter an object is, the more infrared radiation it emits. This infrared radiation can be detected and measured using special equipment. By measuring the amount of infrared radiation that is being emitted from a surface and adjusting for a number of other factors, an accurate determination of temperature can be made. This is how infrared thermometers work.

infrared image during thermal inspection Infrared cameras, or imagers, go another step further in that they employ large arrays of sensors to capture very detailed information about the temperature of a surface in real-time. The thermal cameras then display the infrared radiation in a manner that allows us to effectively "see" the temperature patterns of a surface on a display.

This unique ability to see and analyze surface temperature patterns opens up a whole world of very useful applications ranging from military, research and development, medical, and commercial. The process of capturing, analyzing and interpreting thermal images is known as Thermography.


Benefits and advantages of infrared thermography:

Infrared thermal imaging provides a real-time, non-contact, non-destructive way to efficiently and effectively identify, analyze and prioritize issues at a fraction of the cost and disruption of other methods. Early detection of problems through thermal analysis - often long before they can be detected using other methods - can facilitate correction of issues before they become worse, cause collateral damage, or fail causing unscheduled outages and potential property damage.

Infrared thermal inspection methods are effectively employed in a large and ever growing list of applications.  Some of the more common applications of infrared inspections include:

  • Predictive maintenance,
  • Process control,
  • Mechanical systems and rotating assemblies,
  • Electrical systems,
  • Building envelope, insulation and energy surveys,
  • Roofing systems,
  • Moisture penetration issues and leak detection,
  • Medical and veterinary,
  • Many, many more.

Can you find the wet insulation under this
roof covering? 
Let us point it out for you!


Our infrared thermal inspection services:

Commercial / Industrial

  • Flat roof inspections
  • Eelectrical
  • Mechanical


  • Home Energy Surveys
  • Thermal scans (with home inspection or stand-alone)
  • Forensic / diagnostic inspections for problem determination


There's an overheating electrical connection here. 
Let us help you find it before it causes an outage,
or worse!

Our qualifications:

We have received certification as a Level-II infrared thermographer through the Infraspection Institute (Level-II Infraspection Institute Certified Infrared Thermographer® #8402). Infraspection Institute is the oldest independent infrared training and certification firm in the world. Our training and certification complies with the requirements for Level-II NDT personnel in the Thermal / Infrared Testing Method in accordance with the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) document SNT-TC-1A. We have also received certification through ITC which is the training division of FLIR, the world's leading manufacturer of of infrared imaging equipment (FLIR ITC Certified Thermographer #8692). We are also Infrared Certified™ through InterNACHI. We have been providing professional thermal imaging services since 2007.

Our equipment:

Our infrared camera measures and photographs the non-visible Infrared light emitted by all objects. This allows us to visualize very minute gradients in the surface temperatures of materials, such as walls and ceilings. Infrared technology is highly effective at detecting moisture issues (even before they become visible to the eye), insulation and air infiltration deficiencies and electrical component malfunctions.

Our high performance infrared camera (FLIR EX320) has a 320x240 sensor array (76,800) sensors providing 6 times the resolution of the equipment used by most home inspectors. Our images are fully radiometric (i.e., each pixel within the image contains full infrared radiation data) and can be further tuned / analyzed using our software. Our infrared imager has a rated sensitivity of 0.08C which enables us to see and capture very fine temperature gradients. The infrared camera supports dual temperature ranges from -20 C to +250 C (-4 F to +482 F) and 0 C to +500 C (+32 F to 932 F) making it very effective for a wide range of residential and commercial / industrial uses.